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標題: aerial camera中文 意思【學習英文線上】 [打印本頁]

作者: byebyetrui    時間: 4-12-2018 10:19 AM     標題: aerial camera中文 意思【學習英文線上】

aerial camera中文 意思 英語和造句【香交小字典】
用"aerial camera"造句

aerial     adj. 1.空氣的,大氣的,氣體的。2.航空的,空中...
camera     n. 1.(pl. cameras) 【攝影】照相機;電...
aerial camera cone     航攝儀鏡筒
aerial camera gun     航空照相槍
aerial camera installation     航空照相設備
aerial camera mount     航攝儀座架
aerial camera operating button     航空照相機的拍攝按鈕
aerial hand camera     手控式航空照相機
aerial mapping camera     航空繪圖攝影機;繪圖航空攝影機;繪圖空中攝影機;繪製地圖的航空攝影機
aerial multiband camera     航空多波段照相機
aerial night camera     航空夜間攝影機;夜間航空攝影機;夜間航空照相機
aerial photographic camera     航空攝影機;航攝儀
aerial reconnaissance camera     空中偵察攝影機
aerial survey camera     航空測量攝影儀
aerial surveying camera     航測攝影機;航攝儀
aerial-camera control box     航空照相機控制盒
aerial-camera magazine     航空照相機暗盒
aerial-camera pod     航空照相機艙
automatic aerial camera     自動航空照相機
continuous strip aerial camera     連續航帶攝影機
five-le aerial camera     五透鏡航空攝影機
five-lens aerial camera     五鏡航空照相機;五鏡頭空中照相機;五透鏡航空攝影機
hand-held aerial camera     手持式航空攝影機;手提航空攝影機
high-resoltion aerial camera     高分辨率空照相機
high-resolution aerial camera     高分辨率航空照相機
Image quality is important performance index about aerial camera
Discussion about off - focus influence on mtf for long focus aerial camera
Continuous strip aerial camera
Method for determining the speed and average gradient of black - and - white aerial camera films
Photography sensitometry - black - and - white aerial camera films - determination of iso speed and average gradient
Image motion compensation ( imc ) is often used in aerial cameras to improve the quality of imaging
Intelligence with broad - face and large - depth will be gotten by strabismus aerial camera in little time
It is significant that the manufacture of strabismus real time aerial camera could strengthen our national defense
The scanning mirror system is execution component to compensates error brought by image movement . it is main component of aerial camera
Combined with the reseaching panoramic aerial camera with tdi ccd , the paper deduced the formula of imv with two methods . one is coordinate system transformation method , the other is orthogonal projective analytic method

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