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aerial cable中文 意思 英語和造句【香交小字典】
用"aerial cable"造句

aerial     adj. 1.空氣的,大氣的,氣體的。2.航空的,空中...
cable     n. 1.【造船】錨鏈,錨索,(周長10英寸以上的)左捻...
aerial cable car     高空纜車
aerial cable line     架空電纜線路
aerial cable spinning     架空鋼索
aerial cable way     架空索道
aerial optical cable     架空光纜
aerial optical fiber cable     架空光纜
aerial-cable way     索道。
an aerial cable     架空電纜
catenary aerial cable     吊線式架空電纜
self supporting aerial cable     自支持式架空電纜
self-supporting aerial cable     自承式架空電纜;自支撐架空電纜;自支持架空電纜
twin-cable aerial tramway     雙線架空索道
aofc aerial optical fiber cable     架空光纖
self-su orting aerial cable     自支撐架空電纜
aerial     adj. 1.空氣的,大氣的,氣體的。2.航空的,空中的。3.空氣一樣的,空氣一樣輕的;無形的,空想的。4.高聳空中的;生存在空中的,【植物;植物學】氣生的。aerial music夢幻般的音樂。aerial spires高聳入雲的塔尖。n. 1.【無線電】天線。2.救火雲梯。
by cable     用電報發出
cable     n.凱布爾〔姓氏〕。n. 1.【造船】錨鏈,錨索,(周長10英寸以上的)左捻三根三股索;粗索,巨纜;鋼絲繩。2.電纜;海底電線;海底電報;【航空】張索;絞線;【電】多心導線,被覆線。3.錨鏈〔=cable length海上測距單位〕。4.【紡織;印染】(針織)軟軸。by cable用海底電報。cut [slip] one's [the] cable 〔海俚〕死。vt. 1.(用錨鏈,纜索等)繫住。2.給…打海底電報;通過海底電纜發(電報)。vi.打海底電報,用海底電線通訊。a cabling machine搓繩機。cable up(使)與…有線電視系統聯網。nothing to cable home about 〔澳大利亞英語〕無足輕重,無用,不重要。
cable but     電纜配線房
to cable     發海底電報
cable cable     交易商針對
achromatic aerial     消色差天線
active aerial     有源天線
aerial ectrophotography     航空光譜攝影術
The collapse of the poles was attributed partly to the weight and resistance of the aerial cable .
Test method for aerial cable corrosion protection flow
Study on aerial cable creep deformation test based on dsp
Data acquisition in aerial cable creep deformation measurement system
Aluminum - polyethylene primary covering used as the sheath for aerial cable
End user multi - pair cables used in high bit rate telecommunication networks - aerial cables
Self supporting telecommunication aerial cables on overhead power lines above 1 kv vde - specification
電壓大於1kv的電力架空線的載波通信高空電纜vde -規
End user multi - pair cables used in high bit rate telecommunication networks - part 1 : aerial cables
By two aerial cable cars , the visitors shall get to the peak of shika snow mountain ,
End user multi - pair cables used in high bit rate telecommunication networks - part 1 : aerial cables ; german version en 50406 - 1 : 2004

用"aerial cable"造句  
An aerial cable or air cable is an insulated cable usually containing all conductors required for an electrical transmission system or a telecommunication line, which is suspended between utility poles or electricity pylons. As aerial cables are completely insulated there is no danger of electric shock when touching them and there is no requirement for mounting them with insulators on pylons and poles.

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