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標題: aerial parts中文 意思【學習英文線上】 [打印本頁]

作者: byebyetrui    時間: 4-12-2018 10:23 AM     標題: aerial parts中文 意思【學習英文線上】

aerial parts中文 意思 英語和造句【香交小字典】
用"aerial parts"造句

aerial     adj. 1.空氣的,大氣的,氣體的。2.航空的,空中...
part     n. 1.部分,一部分;局部(opp. Whole)。...
dried aerial parts of the herb     草藥的氣生部分
aerial parts of chinese pink dianthus     瞿麥粉末
aerial     adj. 1.空氣的,大氣的,氣體的。2.航空的,空中的。3.空氣一樣的,空氣一樣輕的;無形的,空想的。4.高聳空中的;生存在空中的,【植物;植物學】氣生的。aerial music夢幻般的音樂。aerial spires高聳入雲的塔尖。n. 1.【無線電】天線。2.救火雲梯。
are parts     備件,零件;備用件
in parts     有幾部分;有些部分
parts     部分;部件,零件;才能;帕茨;配件,零件;組裝零件
t-parts     店洽
parts wine and parts water     兩份酒配三份水
precast parts, prefabricated parts     預製構件
achromatic aerial     消色差天線
active aerial     有源天線
aerial ectrophotography     航空光譜攝影術
aerial (or antenna)     天線
aerial (photographicoverage     航攝涵蓋
aerial ace     燕返
aerial acoustics     天將
aerial acrobatics     空中特技;特技飛行
aerial adapter     天線接頭
aerial aerobatics     飛行特技
aerial agency     航空測量
aerial ambulance     救護機
aerial amplifier     天線放大器
aerial animal     大氣動物
The scion supplies only aerial parts to the graft
Chemical constituents from the aerial parts of schnabelia tetradonta
Study on the chemical constituents of the volatile oil from aerial parts of isodon eriocalyx var . laxiflora
The gmdreba , gmdrebb and gmdrebc genes were expressed at different level in aerial parts of soybean , but undetectable in root
基因gmdreba , gmdrebb和gmdrebc在大豆地上部分分別呈不同水平表達,而在根中檢測不到它們的表達。
Sonneratia ) that protrudes well above soil level the aerial part is covered with lenticels through which gases can diffuse to and from the highly developed system of intercellular airspaces
In aerial parts of the plant the outer wall of the epidermis is usually covered by a waxy cuticle that prevents desiccation , protects the underlying cells from mechanical damage , and increases protection against fungi , bacteria , etc
The contents of three valepotriates in v . officinalis also varied significantly different areas , samples from nanchuan of chongqing showing the highest . it is also showed that the contents of three valepotriates in underground part of valerians plants are higher than that in aerial part and the contents of three valepotriates in valeriana jatamansi herb and v . officinal is herb collected in september is highest . valepotriates of valeriana jatamansi were obtained using petroleum ether , with content of valtrate , didrovaltrate and acetovaltrate between 70 % and 80 %
我們以採用rp - hplc法測定不同產地、部位和採收期的纈草屬植物中纈草素、二氫纈草素和乙酰纈草素的含量,結果發現纈草類生藥蜘蛛香、纈草、寬葉纈草和黑水纈草之間纈草素類成分含量差異顯著,其中以蜘蛛香含量最高,纈草次之,寬葉纈草再次,黑水纈草含量最低。
Results dry matter accumulation of aerial part and under ground part of a . dahurica showed " s " curve , dry matter of aerial part gradually increased from the end of july to the early october and got to the peak in mid - october , then gradually decreased ; dry matter of under ground portion increased slowly in earlier stage and became rapidly from the end of august to the end of september , then reduced
結果白芷地上和地下部分乾物質積累呈“ s ”型曲線,地上部分乾物質在7月底至10月初逐漸增加, 10月中旬達到高峰,隨後降低;地下部分乾物質前期增加較慢, 8月底至9月底為快速增長期,隨後增加稍有減慢。
The anti - microbial activities of crude ethanol extract from aerial parts of sophora alopecuroides and its petroleum ether , chloroform , n - butanol and water fractions of sophora alopecuroides to pythium aphanidermatum , fusarium oxysporum f . sp . cucumerinum , fusarium oxysporum f . sp . lycopersici , alternaria solani , pseudomonas pachrymans and xanthomonas vesicatoria were tested by mycelial radial growth test and agar - well diffusion

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